Georgia Water & Wastewater Institute (GWWI) Student Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code is to provide students attending classes taught by GWWI with an effective and safe learning environment. It contains information for GWWI personnel, students, and employers of students including an outline of expected behaviors and the consequences relating to various violations. Expected behavior is behavior that promotes learning and encourages teamwork during the school day. These behaviors are expected both in the classroom and anywhere upon GWWI facility grounds. Students and their employers need to know and understand this code in order to achieve these goals.

 Students SHOULD:

 Participate fully in the learning process.

  • Students need to report to school and class on time;
  • Attend all regularly scheduled classes;
  • Remain in class until excused or dismissed;
  • Pay attention to instruction;
  • Complete assignments to the best of their ability; and
  • Ask for help when needed.

Avoid behavior that impairs their own or other students’ educational achievement.

  • Students should know and avoid the behaviors prohibited by this code;
  • Take care of books and other instructional materials;
  • Take care of the facility and all associated instructional aids; and
  • Cooperate with others.

Show respect for the knowledge and authority of teachers, administrators, and other school employees or partners.

  • Students must obey reasonable directions;
  • Use acceptable and courteous language;
  • Avoid being rude; and
  • Follow school rules and procedures.

 Recognize and respect the rights of other students.

  • All students should show concern for and encouragement of the educational achievements and activity participation of others; and
  • GWWI does not tolerate any type of discrimination or harassment in any of its activities or operations.

Disciplinary action for violations of expected behaviors will include appropriate responses up to expulsion from classes if necessary. In all cases, the rights of individuals will be ensured and protected. GWWI will make every reasonable effort to administer all disciplinary actions consistently.