Jim Poff entered the water profession while attending college at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. His first water job was working summer months as a lab analyst for Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District at the Jones Island Water Quality Laboratory. During his time there, he had the opportunity to take part in water quality monitoring activities on Lake Michigan and several rivers in the area. There was no turning back after those experiences. After college, he moved to Georgia for a position as a Chemist with the Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA). During his career at CCWA, he served in many different roles experiencing/managing all operational aspects of a top-notch water utility. Upon retiring from the Assistant General Manager position in 2018, he accepted a position with GWWI. He is currently serving as the GWWI Manager & Senior Instructor. Jim holds the following certifications:

Wastewater: Operator Class 1 (WW1-014108), C2EP Professional Operator Class 4 - POS4-00052-0817, Industrial Operator (WWID032201) Lab Analyst (WWL011257), and Collection System Operator (WWC033470)

Drinking Water: Operator Class1 (W1-014912) and Distribution System Operator (WD016644)

Qualified Water Loss Auditor - 0255

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester: BPAT03668

Maintenance Technologist Class 1 - GAMT1-3

Erosion & Sediment Control Class 1A - 58236